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For many veterans, the rising cost of home health care and assisted living can be staggering. The good news is that there is a little-known VA benefit that can help them receive the care they need without spending down all of their hard-earned savings.

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Never Forget the Vet was formed to ensure that Veterans receiving the Aid and Attendance pension were getting all of the money that the VA deposits into their account for their home care expenses.

NFTV is looking to expose any company that is currently, or in the past has poached the pension benefit money that is due to Veterans or their spouses. This happens largely unbeknownst to the Veteran or their family. They believe getting this benefit requires them to sign over their benefits to another company. That is absolutely not the case. Pension benefits are sent directly to the Veterans account. They are to be used for the Veterans care and medical expenses. It has come to the attention of Never Forget the Vet that some of these companies are taking 25% of Veterans or spouses pension benefit. (Click here to see examples). These companies continue to take this money as long as the Veteran or the spouse is alive. (Click here to see examples)


Families should know their options before the need arises. At Common Sense Senior Placement, we assist families when Home care is no longer adequate. We save them time and aggravation and often save them money when they are looking for a Senior Living Community. We suggest various communities that we are familiar with and suits their needs, affordability and possibly their desired location. We deal with these communities on a regular basis and can weed out the BAD ones and set up a tour for you at the ones that are suitable to your needs. Don’t waste your precious time, let us do the ground work and research for you.

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We agree people should stay in their home as long as possible. Familiar surroundings certainly add to their comfort.

If you are considering a home care professional, please evaluate the company from the top down. Advanced Home Care Solutions has a full-time doctor who personally visits and assesses every client, then establishes an immediate contact with the client’s primary care physician. This establishes a superior level of care because doctors will talk to other doctors throughout the day. Additionally, our caregivers are experienced and highly trained by continuing education. All of these additional steps are to give family members both near and far, Peace of Mind.

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  • Senior living is not just an apartment or villa you live in, but it is a new experience for you to enjoy a new lifestyle.
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