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We have a unique and powerful way to reduce college debt for your family. You can leave a legacy and become a Super Hero to your children, grand children, great-grand children, nieces, nephews, foster children and godchildren.

We are very aware that not all people are financially equal. Some people have money to help their family with college expenses and some don’t. Either way, let us tell you about our scholarship program. Understand that all scholarships come directly from the colleges and universities. If you are presently a client of Common Sense Companies, you are more than likely receiving college scholarship awards. As of today, we have over 400 private colleges and universities across America who participate in our program, more are added every year. If the school you are interested in is currently not on the list, it may soon be added.

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Every so often some information comes into our life that appears to be too good to be true, or we just don’t have time to examine how it works. This could be one of those times. Common Sense Companies college scholarship program is available to all of our clients. Please take the time to examine the program- The part about it being too good to be true will be completely evaporated once you see that the colleges award all the scholarships in their attempt to attract new students.

So, become that SUPER HERO and leave a LEGACY for your FAMILY.

Did You Know?

  • Only 2% of student athletes will receive athletic scholarships. We have a solution for the other 98% of students.
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Pastor Mike has over $48,000 in scholarship money for his grandchildren

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