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Why Common Sense?

At its most basic definition common sense is sound practical judgement. This is exactly what we offer from the companies that comprise the Common Sense Companies.

In an average person’s life their largest expenses will be their mortgages and their taxes.  Once they become senior citizens their largest expense could be nursing home or long term care costs.

At Common Sense Companies, we provide sensible and logical options through the products and services we offer; College Solutions, Seniors and Veterans Solutions, Obsolete Insurance Solutions, Final Expense Solutions and Elder Care Law.


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A Word From Our Clients...
  • Just because I am a client of Common Sense Companies, my grandson will have $19,500 available for scholarships when he starts college

    In 2011 I opened a Missouri Most 529 Plan to save money for my Grandson's college education. As the years passed, I never contributed any additional money to the account because the account balance was declining. In 2016 I decided to close the account. After a $25 service fee was deducted, I received a check for $380.64. I became a client of Common Sense Companies in 2015 and was enrolled in their College Solutions program. Because I am a client, the program provides college tuition reduction points for my Grandson and Granddaughters each year without any money out of pocket expense to me. I will have 19,500 points (which equates to a $19,500 college tuition reduction) for my Grandson when he enters college in 2021. In addition, I continue to receive points each year toward my two Granddaughters college tuition. In September 2020 I will be enrolling my third Granddaughter in the program when she arrives. Needless to say, there is no comparison between the two college tuition savings plans and I thank the day I was introduced to Common Sense Companies!
    Judith Peer St. Charles, MO
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Explore Our Solutions
  • CollegeSolutions


    Our clients have been able to accumulate up to $50,000 toward their child, grandchild, niece/nephew or godchild's college education without one penny coming out of their pocket. This benefit has been available since 1995.
  • Seniors and VeteransSolutions

    Seniors and Veterans

    Insuring Veterans get the full benefit of their pensions, while providing the care they need and the respect they deserve. Know your retirement options: Care free retirement, Assisted Living, Memory care and Skilled Nursing. If you want advice about Seniors, ask a Senior.
  • Obsolete InsuranceSolutions

    Obsolete Insurance

    Do your insurance policies give you the most benefit for your investment? A side by side life insurance comparison will determine if you are over paying for your insurance.
  • Final ExpenseSolutions

    Final Expense

    The best way to protect your assets and spare your loved ones from bearing the financial burden of your final expenses is by applying a government created loophole.
  • Elder CareLaw

    Elder Care

    Our Elder Law attorneys will show you how it is possible to protect the assets you have accumulated over your lifetime, while paying for in-home or nursing home care.
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  • Predatory companies claim to assist senior veterans with health care, but take a portion of their benefits and pensions in return.

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